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On This Day ...
Adkinson, Thomas Jr.
Dupuy, Elizabeth
Thomas Jr.25 September 1775241Marriage 
Allin, Ebenezer Ebenezer25 September 1694322Birth 
Clinginsmith, Philip
Clevenger, Mary
Philip25 September 1875141Marriage 
Coleman, Lucy Lucy25 September 1830186Burial 
Cook, Aaron Senior
Charde ‎(Chard)‎ ‎(Cook)‎ ‎(Cooke)‎, Elizabeth
Aaron Senior25 September 1610406Marriage 
Davis, Samuel Samuel25 September 1692324Birth 
de Cantilupe, William William25 September 1254762Death 
Eaton, Comfort Comfort25 September 1729287Birth 
French, William
Twelves, Rachel
William25 September 1689327Marriage 
McHugh, Reverend Edward Reverend Edward25 September 1838178Birth 
Sampson, Mirioll Mirioll25 September 1614402Christening 
Swift, Lillian Lillian25 September 1883133Birth 
Underhill, Felix Felix25 September 1879137Death 
Williams, John
Hughes, Jane
John25 September 1807209Marriage 
Wright, William Everett
Burkhead, Mary Paulina
William Everett25 September 1875141Marriage 

Total events: 15