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On This Day ...
Allin, Sarah Sarah4 September 1801214Death 
Baldwin, Walter Charles Walter Charles4 September 191996Birth 
Barnhart, Daniel D Daniel D4 September 1809206Birth 
Birckhard, Margaret Margaret4 September 1703312Birth 
Browning, Hannah Hannah4 September 1747268Christening 
Bury, Grace Grace4 September 1653362Birth 
Clark, William H.
Leonard, Louisa Parthenia
William H.4 September 1851164Marriage 
Gasse, Anne Anne4 September 1681334Burial 
Hayes, John Carleton
Powell, Edith May
John Carleton4 September 1901114Marriage 
Reading, Elizabeth Elizabeth4 September 1709306Christening 
Snow, Clifford Gates
Allen, Hazel Louise
Clifford Gates4 September 192689Marriage 
Starr, Josiah Josiah4 September 1693322Birth 
Whitman, Joseph Maloney Joseph Maloney4 September 194669Death 

Total events: 13