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On This Day ...
Caldam, Henry
Whipple, Jane
Henry5 May 1613403Marriage 
Craft, John John5 May 1684332Death 
Craft, Joseph Joseph5 May 1666350Birth 
Hughes, Edward Edward5 May 1754262Christening 
Jones, John John5 May 1744272Christening 
Judd, Fannie Fannie5 May 1880136Birth 
Lewis, Enoch Enoch5 May 1901115Death 
Mason, John
Eaton, Mary
John5 May 1651365Marriage 
Phinney, John John5 May 1665351Birth 
Schofield, Charles Heber Charles Heber5 May 1904112Burial 
Shewell, Edward
Bird, Sarah
Edward5 May 1751265Marriage 
Thayer, William William5 May 1605411Birth 
Thayer, William William5 May 1605411Christening 
Torrey, Josiah
Wilson, Sarah
Josiah5 May 1680336Marriage 
Whipple, John
Woodman, Elizabeth
John5 May 1659357Marriage 
Whipple, Captain John
Woodman, Elizabeth
Captain John5 May 1659357Marriage 

Total events: 16