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On This Day ...
Adams, Edward
Craft, Abigail
Edward7 December 1678338Marriage 
Aspinall, Thomas Thomas7 December 1701315Christening 
Birkhead, Thomas
Waters, Elisabeth
Thomas7 December 1797219Marriage 
Browning, Isaac
Hooper, Ann
Isaac7 December 1644372Marriage 
Browning, Joane Joane7 December 1592424Christening 
Buckingham, Thomas Thomas7 December 1730286Christening 
Coleman, Anne Anne7 December 1722294Christening 
Dumper, William
Reading, Lucy
William7 December 1816200Marriage 
Hill, Jonathan Jonathan7 December 1723293Birth 
Judd, Henry Henry7 December 1856160Death 
Lieurance, Ida Jane Ida Jane7 December 1870146Birth 
Mann, Richard
Rymer, Lydia
Richard7 December 1772244Marriage 
Meacham, Joseph Joseph7 December 1696320Birth 
Rockwood, Nathaniel Nathaniel7 December 1698318Death 
Rockwood, Nathaniel
Ellis, Joann or Johanna
Nathaniel7 December 1698318Marriage 
Schofield, Charlotte Charlotte7 December 1806210Christening 
Shillam, Samuel Samuel7 December 1567449Christening 
Starr, John John7 December 1664352Birth 
Starr, Joyfull ‎(Joyfoole, Joyful)‎ Joyfull (Joyfoole7 December 1681335Burial 
Starr, Joyfull ‎(Joyfoole, Joyful)‎ Joyfull (Joyfoole7 December 1681335Death 
Whitenach, Myrella J. Myrella J.7 December 1902114Death 

Total events: 21