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On This Day ...
Beckley, Richard
Barre, Elizabeth
Richard27 August 1592424Marriage 
Belden, Mary Mary27 August 1679337Birth 
Brown, Clark
Lieurance, Priscilla
Clark27 August 1854162Marriage 
Eaton, Thomas Thomas27 August 1748268Death 
Fort, Livah Pearle Livah Pearle27 August 1888128Birth 
Hyde, Isaac
Starr, Elizabeth
Isaac27 August 1724292Marriage 
Hyde, Jonathan
Starr, Elizabeth
Jonathan27 August 1724292Marriage 
Judd, John John27 August 1878138Death 
Lieurance, Liley Liley27 August 1866150Birth 
Perkins, Abijah Abijah27 August 1850166Death 
Pope, Francis Francis27 August 1794222Burial 
Pope, Francis Francis27 August 1794222Death 
Rawson, Edward Edward27 August 1693323Death 
Sabin, John John27 August 1666350Birth 
Salisbury, Sarah Sarah27 August 1876140Death 
Thayer, Richard Jr. Jr Richard Jr. Jr27 August 1695321Death 
Thayer, Sarah Sarah27 August 1695321Death 
Williams, Nicholas Nicholas27 August 1672344Death 
Wilson, William William27 August 1587429Death 

Total events: 19