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On This Day ...
Allin, Lucinda Lucinda21 February 1796221Christening 
Aspinall, Anne Anne21 February 1706311Christening 
Ball, ?John ?John21 February 1768249Christening 
Ball, Richard Richard21 February 1768249Christening 
Blocksom, William William21 February 1874143Death 
Burkhead, Milton Sutton
Underhill, Maria Arabelle
Milton Sutton21 February 1889128Marriage 
Davis, Isaac
Hall, Charity
Isaac21 February 1744273Marriage 
Guild ‎(Gile)‎, Samuel Senior Samuel Senior21 February 1683334Death 
Harrocks, Katherine Katherine21 February 1710307Burial 
Johannesen, Hans Jorgen Hans Jorgen21 February 1904113Death 
Lewis, Elias Elias21 February 1913104Death 
Lieurance, Maxwell Thurlow
Swale, Adeline Elizabeth
Maxwell Thurlow21 February 192592Marriage 
Partridge, John Captain John Captain21 February 1590427Birth 
Patch, Edmund Edmund21 February 1597420Death 
Patch, Edmund Edmund21 February 1597420Burial 
Pond, William
Lieurance, Mary
William21 February 1833184Marriage 
Schofield, Son Son21 February 1904113Death 
Schofield, Son Son21 February 1904113Birth 
Thayer, Jonathan
Sampson, Elizabeth
Jonathan21 February 1723294Marriage 
Turner, Elizabeth Elizabeth21 February 1675342Death 
Wild, Daniel
Booth, Sarah
Daniel21 February 1756261Marriage 
Wood, Jonathan Jonathan21 February 1676341Death 

Total events: 22