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On This Day ...
Bassett, William William24 October 1600416Christening 
Bond, Sarah Sarah24 October 1779237Christening 
Buckingham, Phillip Phillip24 October 1787229Burial 
Bury, Elizabeth Elizabeth24 October 1658358Christening 
Clark, Rebecca Rebecca24 October 1637379Burial 
Clark, Rebecca Rebecca24 October 1637379Death 
Cooper, Judith Judith24 October 1650366Death 
Jared, Edna W. Edna W.24 October 1855161Death 
Judd, Emily Agnes Emily Agnes24 October 1870146Birth 
Judd, George George24 October 192393Death 
Leavens, James James24 October 1679337Birth 
Lieurance, Louis Franklin Louis Franklin24 October 1852164Birth 
Ohman, Stacie Stacie24 October 198531Birth 
Paskett, James Pope James Pope24 October 1903113Death 
Patch, Frances Frances24 October 1586430Christening 
Patch, Frances Frances24 October 1586430Christening 
Rose, Joseph Walter
Allen, La Vina Amelia
Joseph Walter24 October 1900116Marriage 
Schofield, John John24 October 1799217Birth 
Turner, Humphrey
Gamer or Garner, Lydia
Humphrey24 October 1618398Marriage 
Twitchell, Joseph Joseph24 October 1710306Death 

Total events: 20