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On This Day ...
Allen, Spencer Frank
Darley, Sara Gunnell
Spencer Frank8 October 1908107Marriage 
Buckingham, James James8 October 1816199Burial 
Chapin, Samuel Samuel8 October 1598417Birth 
Clinginsmith, Harry Harry8 October 1864151Birth 
Evans, John
Jenkins, Sarah
John8 October 1815200Marriage 
Harrocks, George George8 October 1704311Christening 
Hughes, William William8 October 1749266Christening 
Lawrence, John ‎(Joseph)‎ John (Joseph)8 October 1609406Birth 
Lawrence, John ‎(Joseph)‎ John (Joseph)8 October 1609406Christening 
Leonard, Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin8 October 1884131Death 
Lieurance, Liley Liley8 October 1877138Death 
Norris, Susannah H. Susannah H.8 October 1816199Birth 
Savage, Joseph Albert
Allen, Laura Ann
Joseph Albert8 October 1883132Marriage 
Sorensen, Mikkel or Michel Mikkel or Michel8 October 1809206Burial 
Thayer, Richard Jr. Jr Richard Jr. Jr8 October 1664351Burial 
Thayer, Ursula Ursula8 October 1626389Birth 
Thayer, Ursula Ursula8 October 1626389Christening 
Twitchell, Hannah Hannah8 October 1723292Death 
Underhill, Jackson
Parsons, Rhoda Ellen
Jackson8 October 1874141Marriage 
West, Frank Leroy
Judd, Hannah Lillian
Frank Leroy8 October 1908107Marriage 

Total events: 20