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On This Day ...
Adkisson, Martha Martha15 December 1818199Birth 
Atkinson, Lewis
Ellenton, Rebecca B.
Lewis15 December 1782235Marriage 
Cross, Hugh Hugh15 December 1735282Death 
Dickonson, Thomas
Addison, Mary
Thomas15 December 1660357Marriage 
Dowell, Riley Riley15 December 1905112Death 
Haskell, Daniel Daniel15 December 1749268Death 
Judd, Thomas Thomas15 December 1891126Death 
Leavens, Rachel Rachel15 December 1685332Birth 
Lewis, William Davis
Harding, Sarah Ann
William Davis15 December 1882135Marriage 
Partridge, John
Bullard, Magdalene
John15 December 1655362Marriage 
Sprague, Edward Edward15 December 1601416Birth 
Sprague, Edward Edward15 December 1601416Christening 
Sprague, Edward Edward15 December 1633384Death 
Stone, Nathaniel
Hinckley, Reliance
Nathaniel15 December 1698319Marriage 
Underhill, Isaac C.
Comstock, Sarah Elizabeth
Isaac C.15 December 1864153Marriage 
Vandever, George M. George M.15 December 1855162Birth 
Wheelock, Record Record15 December 1644373Birth 
Whipple, John John15 December 1700317Death 

Total events: 18