John Leonard Allen
John Leonard Allen
John Leonard Allen  ‎(I20)‎
Surname: Allen
Given Names: John Leonard

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 11 August 1903 38 38 Cardston, Alberta, Canada
Death: 7 October 1986 ‎(Age 83)‎
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 11 August 1903 38 38 Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Marriage Amy Leone Judd - 11 June 1930 ‎(Age 26)‎ Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

Death 7 October 1986 ‎(Age 83)‎
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Parents Family  (F53)
Heber Simeon Allen
1864 - 1944
Amy Louise Leonard
1865 - 1936
Maralda May Allen
1890 - 1971
Viola Margaret Allen
1892 - 1983
Heber Franklin Allen
1894 - 1968
Hazel Louise Allen
1896 -
Irving Le Roy Allen
1898 - 1899
Lucille Boletta Allen
1900 -
John Leonard Allen
1903 - 1986

Immediate Family  (F52)
Amy Leone Judd
1907 - 1948
Shirley Rae Allen
1932 -
Richard John Allen
1937 -
Robert Grant Allen
1948 -


John Leonard Allen:

John Leonard Allen was born August 11, 1903 at Cardston, Alberta, Canada, the youngest son of Heber and Amy ‎(Leonard)‎ Allen. John grew up working on his father's farm and attended high school at Raymond High, where he served on the yearbook staff. He was a great basketball and baseball player and played on high school and city teams.
From the fall of 1922 to July of 1925, John served a mission in the eastern United States. In September of 1925 he began attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He kept busy at BYU and was head yellmaster in 1926, Vice President of Alpha Kappa Pai business fraternity in 1927, and member of the tennis club, as well as of many other groups and clubs. John roomed with a student by the name of Ezra Taft Benson his freshman year, a man who would later become president of the Church. John was on a committee that elected Ezra Taft Benson as the most popular man on campus in the spring of 1926. The next year, John was one of five finalists in the same popularity contest. In 1928 John was selected as the most outstanding student in the BYU Business College. He graduated in 1930 with honors.
John first met Amy Leone Judd in 1927. She was a very popular girl and it took John two years to get past all of Amy's suitors and convince her he was the one she wanted to marry. They were married June 11, 1930 in the Salt Lake Temple and settled up in Raymond, Canada.
John leased his father's farm for three years but went broke during the Great Depression. In 1933 he nearly died of ulcers but recovered after a change in diet. That same year he began working as bookkeeper for the Raymond Sugar Factory ‎(but religiously stuck to his diet)‎. In 1942 he was made chief accountant for the firm and remained there until his retirement in November of 1968.
John served in many positions in the Church, working with the youth, in the Taylor Stake Presidency, and as a member of the High Council. He also sang in ward choirs.
John's wife, Amy, died at the age of 41 after giving birth to her third child. John survived his wife by many years. After his retirement, he spent many hours working in the temple. He also spent his time fishing and investing in the stock market.
John Allen said the following when asked for advice in 1975: I live close to the Lord, and never, never quit doing right, regardless of difficulties that may arise.

1. The Cardston First Ward Messenger: February 2, 1975, Vol. 5, No. 8.

Patriarchal Blessing

Blessing given by Hyrum G. Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of John Leonard Allen, son of Heber Simeon Allen and Amy Louise Leonard Allen. On august 11, 1903, at Cardston, Alberta, Canada.
Brother John Leonard Allen, according to thy desire, I place my hands upon thy head and by the virtue of the Holy Priesthood, give unto thee a Patriarchal blessing, and pray our Father in Heaven to indite the same, that it may be a comfort and a guide to thy lie and an anchor to thy faith. Thou art of the lineage of Ephraim and an heir unto the blessings, gifts and priveleges promised unto the sons of Israel, who are born unto the New and Everlasting Covenant. It will be thy privelege to live and grow to full stature of manhood to recieve the Holy Priesthood and become a messenger if the plan of Life and Salvation, unto the people of the world who know not the truth. Thou shalt also be called to hold places of trust among thy fellows and to administer in the sacred ordinances of the Gospel, and in answer to thy prayers according to thy faithfulness thou shalt be prompted and guided by the voice of the guardian Angel, and in obedience to these whisperings, thou shalt avoid the snares and pit-falls prepared for thy life by the Evil One. Thou shalt also be blessed in thy ministry with the gifts of the gospel necessary to accomplish the mission which has already been given thee, the duties of which will be made known unto thee from time to time thru thy study and the promptings of the Hoy Spirit and in obedience to the words of wisdom and the laws of nature which pertain to thy life. The Lord will bless thee with health and strenght in mind and in body, and give thee infuence and power for good among all unto whom thou shalt minister, even the enemies of thy faith, and I say unto thee be always upon thy guard and thou shalt be fore-warned of evil and danger, and shall be the means in the hands of the Lord of accomplishing much good and His Service, and thy name shall be handed down in honorable remembence from generation to generation.
This Blessing I seal upon thy head in the name of Jesus Chirst and I seal thee up against the power of the destroyer to come forth in the mornign of the first Resurction and Savior in the House of Israel. Even so Amen.

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Family with Parents
Heber Simeon Allen ‎(I24)‎
Birth 26 December 1864 25 20 Hyrum, Cache, Utah
Death 15 September 1944 ‎(Age 79)‎ Raymond, Alberta, Canada
3 months
Amy Louise Leonard ‎(I25)‎
Birth 17 March 1865 44 30 Farmington, Davis, Utah
Death 19 March 1936 ‎(Age 71)‎ Raymond, Alberta, Canada

Marriage: 2 April 1889 -- Cardston, Alberta, Canada
14 months
Maralda May Allen ‎(I26)‎
Birth 20 May 1890 25 25 Cardston, Alberta, Canada
Death 2 November 1971 ‎(Age 81)‎
2 years
Viola Margaret Allen ‎(I27)‎
Birth 28 May 1892 27 27 Cardston, Alberta, Canada
Death 27 December 1983 ‎(Age 91)‎ , Alberta, Canada
2 years
Heber Franklin Allen ‎(I28)‎
Birth 17 March 1894 29 29 Cardston, Alberta, Canada
Death 13 May 1968 ‎(Age 74)‎ Raymond, Alberta, Canada
3 years
Hazel Louise Allen ‎(I29)‎
Birth 6 September 1896 31 31 Cardston, Alberta, Canada
2 years
Irving Le Roy Allen ‎(I30)‎
Birth 31 August 1898 33 33 Cardston, Alberta, Canada
Death 5 April 1899 ‎(Age 7 months)‎
2 years
Lucille Boletta Allen ‎(I31)‎
Birth 18 August 1900 35 35 Cardston, Alberta, Canada
3 years
John Leonard Allen ‎(I20)‎
Birth 11 August 1903 38 38 Cardston, Alberta, Canada
Death 7 October 1986 ‎(Age 83)‎
Family with Amy Leone Judd
John Leonard Allen ‎(I20)‎
Birth 11 August 1903 38 38 Cardston, Alberta, Canada
Death 7 October 1986 ‎(Age 83)‎
4 years
Amy Leone Judd ‎(I21)‎
Birth 19 April 1907 32 33 Provo, Utah, Utah
Death 20 May 1948 ‎(Age 41)‎ Raymond, Alberta, Canada

Marriage: 11 June 1930 -- Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
2 years
Shirley Rae Allen ‎(I22)‎
Birth 10 April 1932 28 24 Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
5 years
Richard John Allen ‎(I23)‎
Birth 23 June 1937 33 30 Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
11 years
Robert Grant Allen ‎(I3945)‎
Birth 20 May 1948 44 41 Raymond, Alberta, Canada